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Caring about your fitness

Stuart - Cumbria & North West

INTERESTS - Weight loss - General Fitness / Nutrition - Mindset

Stuart brings 12 years of experience as an RAF Physical Training Instructor and a Level 3 Personal Training qualification to his clients at STAR Bootcamp UK.

His training methods are adaptable to all levels of ability, allowing anyone to achieve their personal fitness goals. 

STAR Bootcamp UK clients comment on how they appreciate the supportive, friendly, fun approach to exercise.

Stuart also specializes in performance coaching and mentoring, his belief is that a body and mind approach is the recipe for success. He works closely with clients to understand their needs and help them reach their potential.

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Martyn - Cumbria 

​​ INTERESTS - Sports Therapy - Strength and conditioning - Coaching Find out more about Stuart by clicking the link below

Martyn, Instructor and Sports Therapist, brings specialist skills from his Sport Rehabilitation degree to provide injury management and prevention at STAR Bootcamp UK.

Using his knowledge of Strength & Conditioning, he aims to help all clients go above and beyond both their expectations of themselves. Star Bootcamp UK clients highlight how he is always encouraging with a wide range of advice and love how he always brings variety to each session.

Martyn also has experience in fitness coaching from 1-to-1 training to groups of up to 70 clients. As well as having a background in martial arts and strength training, he has worked with several professional football clubs to develop the mental and physical fitness of individual athletes and teams alike.

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Josh - North West 

INTERESTS - Exercise Referral - 1to1 Training - General Fitness / Nutrition

Josh is a specialist level 4 mobile personal trainer in lower back pain management and exercise referral conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, copd, diabetes, depression and many more, all learnt to aid his desire to be able to help as many people as possible and make a real difference in their daily lives.

After spending 7 years in the army, he believes in using the skills he was taught and used on a daily basis as a Lance Corporal, such as being proactive, positive, disciplined and using a can do attitude. Also finding solutions to peoples problems by teaching and passing on these skills to his PT clients and those who attend his STAR Bootcamp UK classes.

Once qualified he has continually invested in his fitness education as he firmly believes that knowledge gives him the power to deliver a unique approach and service to make sure all his clients get their desired results. He also believes in a complete service, so he will aid in nutrition advice and workouts for you to do in your own time, as it's about committing to a lifestyle change.

Josh looks forward to meeting you and finding more about you so that we can get started on your fitness journey. 

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Paddy - North West 

INTERESTS - General Fitness / Nutrition - Group Fitness - Personal Training 
I set up Paddy's Fitness in 2018 and joined STAR Bootcamp UK 2019. The goal is to bring fun, functional workouts to the masses; improving fitness and having a positive impact on people's lives. I believe a stronger, healthier body benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing, giving you the confidence you need to tackle anything life throws at you.

From my years serving in the armed forces, I know what it takes to achieve a level of fitness to survive any situation. Why not schedule an appointment or book onto one of my classes and let's get you ready to take on the world.

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We are looking for FUN, Motivated and Engaging Instructors to join our STAR Bootcamp UK TEAM of instructors.

You must be able to deliver Group fitness classes and Personal Training.

We will talk to you about qualifications and opportunities on application.

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