Darren - Personal Training
My name is Darren and I never enjoyed working out because I was unmotivated and too tired by the end of the day to go to the gym. I was just beginning to run, but decided to try and do the Great North Run for charity. It was fast approaching and I became aware of the need to lose weight and get fit.

I was introduced to Stuart Waddington as someone who could get my training together and help me.

He is a dynamic, motivating and active trainer and was mindful of the exercises I liked and needed to do to achieve my goal. Stuart created sessions that ended up being more enjoyable than I imagined and I began to enjoy workouts. His programs were hard and sometimes challenging, yet fun at the same time. He would push me outside my limits and I gained significant strength.

Stuart’s approach to exercise is fun and in no way intimidating. He has the ability to drive you to try harder than you thought possible and enjoy every minute of it. After six months training with him I am now running up to 10 miles three times a week and have lost six stone in weight!

Anouska - STAR Bootcamps and Personal Training
I heard about Star Bootcamp from some mums on the school run and looked them up on Facebook and thought it sounded like a good way for me to keep fit, tone up and build some muscle strength!

I go every Monday and although hard work the work outs are fun and half the time you dont realise you are working out! I would highly recommend Star Bootcamp to anyone who wants to have fun while they exercise!
Katie - STAR Bootcamps 
I first found out about star bootcamp after trying an energi fit trampoline session with Stuart, I liked his page on Facebook and it came up with a bootcamp in Brampton.

I now do a Wednesday night session at bootcamp in Brampton! I love these sessions as every session is different but during the sessions you are working every part of your body.

Stuart comes up with fun ways of doing exercises and you end up knowing every person that attends the bootcamp! Stuart is also great at giving nutrition advice as well to go along with the exercise, he definitely knows what he's talking about!

My fitness goal for the future is to carry on with these sessions and hopefully loose a bit of weight!
Charlotte & Christine - STAR Bootcamps
When the Boot Camp sessions began we thought we'd give them a try as it was a new way to get fit and also a challenge as it was something we had never tried before.

Although the first session felt hard we enjoyed it and went back for more! We absolutely love it now as each week Stuart devises a new session, so it's never boring and always involves something slightly more challenging.

It's great to workout in the open air and have a highly trained and encouraging tutor!
Vanda - STAR Bootcamps and Personal Training
I wanted to regain my fitness levels but also wanted to get myself out of my comfort zone and not only get my fintess back but improve further.

So I started working with Stuart from STAR Bootcamp uk a short while ago. the sessions are fab, the workouts are varied, hard work but great fun. I like the fact they are outdoors too.

already I feel so much better! I can see the progress i am making each week in the PT sessions and I am looking forward to improving further.
Rachael - STAR Bootcamps and Fitness/Nutritional Monitoring
I was persuaded by my friend to have a go at bootcamp as it was starting in Carlisle.

I did, but thinking like most exercise I would get bored and give up after the first month... I haven't!! It is the first class where I want to go and don't make any excuses as to why I shouldn't.

Each class is different whether it's outside or inside, you can put as much or as little into it as you want but are encouraged to improve your fitness and push yourself that little bit more each week. I've attended twice a week since the start of August, the group is friendly and welcoming,

I feel myself getting stronger each week and I escape from the kids for an hour!! I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a go.
Kirsty - STAR Bootcamps
Star Bootcamp UK was recommended to my Mum by a friend. She wanted some moral support to give it a go and so off we went!

Weeks have passed by and we're still going and loving it! The Bootcamps are a fun and friendly way to exercise no matter what your fitness level as all the exercises can be adapted to meet your needs. I loved the idea of it being outdoors (rain or shine!!) but the indoor winter programme is just as challenging with a chance to try a new variation of exercises.

Team work is a big word here, shown with a welcoming atmosphere and all bootcampers supporting each other. Stuart and Martyn listen to what we want from the bootcamp and always bring a mixture of fun and challenging exercises to the sessions!

I'm looking forward to continuing to build on my strength and fitness by doing these Bootcamp's, which are a lot more fun to attend than the gym!!
Philippa - STAR Bootcamps
I saw Star Bootcamp on Facebook wasn't sure really what to expect, I've tried running and swimming and just tend to get bored. I was looking to loose weight, tone and build muscle strength . I've now been going on a Tuesday and Thursday evening since August and love it!

Everyweek is different never done the same session twice lots of variety of excersises for different muscle groups, and abilities. Always hard work but worth it and can definitely feel the difference in strength and fitness!

Martyn & Stuart are great and very encouraging they push you that little bit further than you think you can do yourself !

Thankyou !
Grazia - STAR Bootcamps
I've tried many other classes in the past and never seem to stick with it. I decided to give bootcamp a go after meeting Stuart.

It's never something I thought I could do due to my fitness level but from the very 1st session I felt welcomed and at ease. Stuart and Martyn create a fun and diverse workout each time. They are both encouraging but without making you feel under pressure.

I'm so glad I gave Star Bootcamp UK a try, I know they will help me achieve my goals and I've finally found exercise I actually enjoy.
Rebecca - STAR Bootcamps
I first started Bootcamp a few months ago, really wasn't sure weather to go but my friend fancied doing it so I thought I'd give it a go with her.

I did the first session and I certainly felt it the next day (I could barely move). I'm not doing it to loose weight but to tone up (from having the kids) and get fitter. So glad i did go as I love it.

I'm getting a lot fitter and it's such a laugh. I go every Monday as it's the only night I have free. Instructors are great.

Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun while exercising.
Kirsty - STAR Bootcamps
I will be the first to admit before StarBootcamp UK I would use every excuse under the sun to get out of exercise. I have never been as eager to go to the sessions as they not only work on my fitness but are a really good laugh.

I first tried in the 6 weeks holidays with a few friends and was exhausted from just 10 minutes.....now I am still not where I want my fitness levels to be but I can workout a lot longer. Stuart never makes you feel useless and is there to offer advice.

My ultimate goal is to lose a lot of weight so this is just one part of my weightloss journey!!

For anyone unsure I would definately give it a try...I did and LOVE it!
Donna - STAR Bootcamps
Hi I'm Donna and I'm a mummy of 2. I was looking for a way to get back into exercise after having my daughter 7 months ago.

I've always wanted to give Bootcamp a go but to be honest I was scared! Would I be fit enough? Could I keep up with everyone else? I heard about Star Bootcamp through Facebook and decided to give it a go. I really don't know why I worried!

The classes are fun and different each time. You can do as much or as little as you want and go at your own pace but Stu will push you if you want to be pushed. I go to the Brampton classes on a Monday and Wednesday and my fitness levels have already improved in a few weeks and the weight is coming off.

If you fancy trying it but like me are wary just give it a go!
Steph - STAR Bootcamps and Fitness/Nutritional Monitoring
I had been looking for something to help me lose weight and tone up that wasn't the gym when I came across a Facebook post about STAR Bootcamp UK!

After swaying wether I could do it (even tried to get out of my first class but Stuart wouldn't let me) I gave it a go and have never looked back! Stuart and Martyn are brilliant trainers who listen to you and give great encouragement and advice.

When I received my first survivor t shirt after completing 10 boot camp sessions (I do a tuesday & wed) it made me feel so much more motivated and I started to think, hey I could actually do this! The sessions are always different, never repetitive and 100% fun.

I'm enjoying it so much I've even started doing the fitness and nutrition monitoring which gives you a more in depth look at your body and fitness. If you haven't already done so you need to book your place now! Trust me you won't regret it.
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